Apple Backlash Turns Ugly!

Blackberry is, or once was, a major contender for the Tablet PC marketplace. Their stupendously ignorant decision to lock their own buyers into the RIM business applications module, forcing consumers to use their, and only their list of applications ensured their demise. Meanwhile, Apples army of vehement consumers continues to swallow the overpriced iPad to the exclusion of all reason or financial accountability. No built-in HDMI out port? No built-in GPS? No 3G phone functionality? And STILL no Flash support? – Words that come to mind are idiotic, greedy, diabolical, and unbelievable disregard for the consumer right and desire to purchase a ready-made “multifunctional device” for something around $599-799 US! I don’t care if it’s so-called “good business” not to include a telephone function on the iPad because they sell the iPhone. I want what the consumer deserves in the midst of an economical depression, economical accountability from their most trusted North America based Corporations, especially since we the people have made them so unbelievably rich! And that means turning the concept of the Tablet PC into an all-in-one device so that we-the-people can go about doing what’s necessary online and in real life to get everything done we need to survive, or thrive, or revive whatever it is needs be.

Since the iPad came out it’s clear that Apple has no intention of making your online experience an open one. They want to control your content from the minute you power up to the moment you die. Take for example the Flash failure. What can Apple be thinking? Do they want the NYTimes and other online publishers (just for example) with significant amounts of Flash content to pay a levy fee for having iPad display their content properly? I think so!

So if it wasn’t greedy enough that Apple wants to make you pay $499, all the way up to an excess of 1200 USD for one iPad with 3G connectivity (no phone function), an external HDMI adaptor, external power cords galore so you can [quote] “you can charge iPad from an even greater distance”, and still no GPS or FLash Support, it’s crystal clear they don’t want anyone getting the idea that the iPad 2 is an out of the box multifunctional device. Is the iPad good for Business use, or online Gaming? Nope! Same old problem with compatibility between more universal software, applications and Apple. That translates into more purchases from the iTunes store to ensure you pay an additional 1000-10,000 annually for your mobile media experience.

So what gives? Why are people so faithful and so emotionally vehemently defendant about their iPads? Two words! Confidence conditioning!

I can hear the “WTF’s” from all the diehard Apple fans who might be reading this now. But face it whoever you are, anyone out there with half a brain knows about Neuro Lingusitics Programming, or that once famous book by Noam Chomsky called “Manufactured Consent”! And you’re it.

Mr. Tuppu is here to tell you all that in a few short years it’s going to be YOU turning on Apple. Why? Apple is rotting on the vine. Too long they’ve hung out of reach at the zenith of the industry world tree, and the longer they hang up there the more rotten they become until one day, very soon, that rotten Apple plummets and hits the ground in a disgusting heap on the economic basement floor. And that’s when things will get ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Apple laptop and my iMac too. I might even continue buying them for a few years more, but I am no longer counted among the faithful. In fact just count me out! And I hope millions of you join me on this one. I’m only telling you this for your own good.

When the iPad came out I really started to recognize and understand the rotten greed that operates in the depths behind that shiny red glistening Apple exterior. No I will not buy an iPad, EVER! Not even if they change their modality and start to accommodate the customer the way they once did. There’s no going back on this locomotive. They are after world dominance of your online multimedia experience in a way that sickens me. And with none of the current contenders for top spot really cutting the mustard to take Apples place, this leaves the door WIDE open for companies like French Manufacturer Archos Inc, to roll their line of amazing Android and Windows tablets (16 to 250 GB Memory), built-in GPS, built-in HDMI out port, built-in patented 3G network connectivity (including phone function?), bluetooth, and their ultra light-weight design – to truly advance the Tablet PC where it needs to go.

Whether it’s Archos or not, I look forward to someone heeding my words, coming into North America and kicking the crap out of Apple, Samsung, Sony and anyone else presumptuous and diabolical enough to carry on this over-priced charade.

Apple WILL GO DOWN to a resounding squash rotten plop, landing where no one will look at them again for fear of throwing up!

Mark my words!!!


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