Netflix Going Down!

In a article by Karl Bode

“Dish Network is sending the invite below to the press to announce that the company will be unveiling their new Blockbuster streaming video service this Friday in San Francisco. The unveiling comes as Netflix continues to suffer fallout from their recent price hikes, plan to split the company’s streaming and DVD rental services into two distinct companies, and somewhat-odd subsequent CEO apology.”

Here’s a link to check out the full article.

In another article by Jim O’Neill –

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”  Netflix, with their recent price hike is losing big time in the stock exchange. All the hubbub around Netflix recent descent causes me to puzzle just a bit. Like most discerning customers out there I joined Netflix for one of their free monthly trials and promptly cancelled before I could be charged a single dime on their crappy service.

Netflix failed to offer anything resembling a complete online video store to supplant the traditional video store they presume to put out of business. With little to no streaming content they attracted online renters looking for an easy way to rent and watch the most up to date and leading DVD or Bluray content. Had Netflix started as an online video rental service, a place where I could pay say $1.50-$2.50 to watch ANY movie I would have normally found in a video store, plus very movie that had ever been in the world, including all foreign films, documentaries, oldies and goodies, along with all the absolute newest and most up to date video release movies, Netflix would be a giant, a real giant in the industry.

Maybe that’s what they wanted? Maybe they didn’t have the start up capital to make that happen? Maybe the big name video distribution companies didn’t want to play ball? It’s probably a combination of them all. Whatever the case it’s clear that the system of online media delivery is about to get worse. Netflix, who may have had the chance to do all this, is going down, and competitors are coming up with a small piece of the puzzle. Soon it’s going to be that each consumer, to have access to everything they want to see, everything the could have got at the video store when video stores first began, are going to need 15 different IPTV, VOD and Streaming Rental subscriptions just to get access to everything. And THEN the product they find at the end of the tunnel, for the most part, is still going to be crap!

NOW, internet service providers are about to implement caps on the amount of data their customers can download off the next in a given month. So in addition to all these myriad of subscriptions to online delivered content, consumers are soon going to have to pay a premium to the internet service provider just to make use of the 15 subscriptions they just paid for.

This, btw, is just like giving children heroine for free and then demanding they pay for it with a pound of their own flesh once they’re addicted. Psychopathic Corporations clearly know how to deal drugs better than your average street dealer. This whole system is going to go down when the consumer has no more cash to pay for it all, and that day has already arrived.

Mark my words!


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